Friday, August 1, 2014

Metanx, A New Hope?

About 5 months ago we started our son on Metanx.  It's not a drug so of course, insurance won't pay for it.  It is a medical food that requires a prescription.  Metanx contains the active form of folic acid, B6 and B12.  It has been used to help diabetic patients for years and is said to heal the nervous system.  Autism Spectrum Disorders have been defined as a nervous system disorder.  This is not a commercial or advertisement for Metanx.  It is my testimony that this little pill has provided us with a renewed hope for the future.

Within the last 5 months, our son has gone from freaking out when the different foods on his plate touch to eating a regular hamburger with all the trimmings on the bun!  That might not sound like much, but for us that is phenomenal!  He went from wearing the same shirt 4 days a week to wearing lots of different shirts of varying fabrics.  He even wears shirts with tags now!

The biggest change however, has been in his ability to handle being around other people, sounds and smells.  This 4th of July was a special occasion for us, not just because it was a holiday, but because it marked a series of firsts for our son.  For the first time in his 12 years, he was able to watch fireworks up close.  The booming sounds, the smell of smoke, the bright lights didn't freak him out!  We didn't have to leave!  Earlier that same day, he went with us to a carnival where he rode his first big kid ride! 

We are excited by the leaps in technology, research and medication.  We have a renewed hope for our son's future.  I hope that this can help one of you.

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